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We Need a New Plan!

Taxpayers can't prop up a system empty of commuters, building bigger, collapsing under its own weight.

Vote NO on Prop L:

  • $3.2 billion regressive sales tax.
  • 2019 plan locked in for 30 years.
  • Blank check for MUNI.
  • $1.9 billion in borrowing.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians first.
  • Hurts families, elderly, the infirm.

One of the largest tax measures in San Francisco history. We can do better. Demand a post-pandemic transit plan!

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downtown is a ghost town

Prop L Shouldn't be on The Ballot

Sales Tax for Transportation ("Prop K") continues 10 more years.

  • Why pass a new 30-year tax?
  • "We're out of money." What happened?
  • SFCTA spent or borrowed $560 million of future taxes!
  • Prop L is just another credit card.
  • Authorizes $1.9 billion of Sales Tax Bonds.
  • San Francisco's entire debt is less than $4 billion.

Fiscal insanity! We can't afford old thinking, slow streets, closed highways, empty buses and trains, and blank checks.

We just rejected the $400 million MUNI bond. The politicians came right back and quadrupled down.

It's time to restructure public transit for post-pandemic San Francisco, reform expenditures and retool the capital plan.

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bicycles first?

Mismanaged Projects

Proposition L enables lax management, oversized and unnecessary projects, empowers MUNI and favors outsiders.

Vote NO on Proposition L!

Central Subway

Best Evidence of the Failure of the Transportation Sales Tax

  • $1 Billion paid by SF!
  • $400 Million cost overrun
  • Over 4 years late
  • Just 1.7 miles of track
  • High operating costs

High Speed Rail LA

Downtown Transbay Station connection to Caltrain – LA

  • $300 million to $1 Billion SF taxpayer contribution!
  • Began one year after Central Subway
  • High operating costs
  • Low utilization

MUNI Blank Check

Unrestricted Funding for MUNI under Jeffrey Tumlin

  • $1 Billion SF sales tax contribution!
  • Most dubious case for grants
  • Track record of fiascos
  • Pre-Pandemic Vision
  • Slap in the face to voters

Perpetual Deficits

(SF Transportation 2050 Report)

Impact of the Pandemic:

  • Forever lower revenues.
  • No plan to cut expenses.
  • "Political solution" is TAX INCREASES.
  • New projects will raise expenses.

Proposition L's Projects will:

  • Cost hundreds of millions to build.
  • Add 25% to annual transportation costs.

That's upside down. A post-pandemic plan would cut transportation expenses by 25% every year.

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Tax Increases on Future Ballots

Watch this chilling video, in which Tilly Chang, Executive Director of the SFCTA, calls San Francisco's Sales Tax "low." She praises other counties with double or quadruple our Transportation Sales Tax, and claims we are "falling behind" – San Francisco can't compete for federal grants until we dramatically raise our taxes.

In September, MUNI's Jeffrey Tumlin said: "We will likely need to get on the 2024 ballot with a new revenue measure."

Defeat Prop L to stop these tax increases in their tracks!

$400 million MUNI Bond Defeated

In June, San Francisco neighborhoods decisively rejected Prop A, the $400 million MUNI bond. On the map below, shades of red indicate degree of opposition.

Proposition A Results

Prop L needs 66⅔% of the vote to win, the same percentage as failed Prop A. One-third of the voters can defeat this.

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voters demand a post-pandemic plan!

Prop L in Trouble!

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An April EMC poll of 1,329 likely voters said Proposition L is too close to call. The City Council put this on the ballot anyway.

Download the ECM Report.

We believe more voters have turned against Prop L given difficult conditions since April:

  • Central Subway debacle.
  • Dramatic rise in inflation.
  • Doubling of interest rates.
  • Collapse of business tax revenue.
  • $400 million MUNI bond vote.
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reimagine transit for 2022